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Semblance of Order  48x60
Sunset from Memory 24x36 sold
For the moment 40x30 sold
Whirlwind 14x11 sold
Alluvion 30x40
Final Thread 30x40
Klexos 8x10 sold
Sea Bed
Plumes and Fissures 40x30
Crystalline 36x48
Slight Shift 6x6
Lifted Weights 40x30
Tenuous 6x6
Moment of Tangency
After the Pause
Apothecary 10x8 sold
Respite of Time  68x42
Sentiment Unspoken sold
Cliffside sold. Thank you High Desert Museum!
Entwined 6x6
Monsoon 36x48 sold
Allegorical Cadence Sold
Luminous 6x6
Magnificent Juxtaposition
Reflections of the End Place sold
Pathways of the Long Forgotten, sold
Scraps of Poetry 10x8 sold
Sublimation sold
Deconstruction (and Subsiquent Tresspass)  SOLD
Whisper of Spring   sold
A Guarda
The Weight of Things  36x24x2 sold
Winds of March
The Half of Me that is Sky 36x48
Attended by Silence   Sold
The Last Bloom on Naxos sold
Flicker of Last Light sold
Wayward 30x48 Sold
Mercurical Shift
Parade of Aspirations  36x24 Sold
Mercurial Cadence     Sold
Aegean SOLD
Lucent Water  36x48 Sold
In Perpetude Sold
Subnivean II   sold
Over, Under and Above  36x24 sold
The Weathering   36x24 sold
Nautical Obscurities  36x96sold
Nordic Winter   36x24 Sold
False Sense of Permanence 60x48 Sold
Last House on the Left  36x48 sold
Myopic Cartography  36x24
Untethered   60x48 sold
Sun, Sky, Earth
Alvord  11x14 Sold
The Sky and and It's Mercurial Ways   60x48
Fragmented Narritive   36x24
Interrupted Cartography  60x48
Hills Behind My House  60x48 Sold
Halcyon 48"x 36" sold
Fracture 60x48 sold
Uniquity 30x40
Far Reaches  30x40 sold
Thoughts of Alvord Sold
Maelstrom   Sold
Little Alvord Sold
Fragment of Something Larger  sold
What Could Be  30x40
Reflections of the Future  sold
A Fickle Thing  sold
Fits of Restlessness   36x48 sold
After Thoughts  48x36
A Great Missive Regarding the Sea
Mismatched Cartography
A Measurement of Light  sold
The Brightness of Being  40x30
The Light Reflected  30x40
Windfall 11x14
Reverberation of Light  30x40
Fossil of What Was  60x48
The Distance of Each  36x24
Map of the Other   60x48
Viam Minima Resistentia Est  36x48
My Nexus  36x48
An Act of Clarity  36x48
The Last Example of Gratitude
Miscellaneous Clarity
Sustainable Bliss   24x36
The Distance of Each  36x24
Faraway Places 36x48
Aequalis 24x36 sold
Reflective Phosphorescense
Occidentem 48x60
What Is  30x40
Wishes and Whatnot
Ripple Effect
Delicacy of Being
Mistreatment of Options
Not My Storm  30x40
A Minute to spare  48x60
The Precipitous Edge We Walk 24x36
Faraway Places 36x48
Unmeasured 24x36
Antithises -dontaed Realms 1-15-16
Constant 36x24
Dissipation 36x48
Semblance of Order
Transition of One
Transition of Two
Of Time and Levity
Nautical Lineage
Measured Response
Bits of the Sea
Backdrop To An Important Event
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